• After picking up at guitar at age 12, Garrett made his first earnest effort in music in 2009 by joining a local band. They released an EP in 2010 and did numerous live shows around the Dublin and University circuits.

    In 2013, after they disbanded, not content with being a perpetual guitarist for hire, Garrett began working on his own songwriting style and sound. After disciplining himself behind the scenes for a few years, he honed and developed his act by doing over 350 live performances in 2016 and 2017. He wrote a Christmas song called "What You Wish For" in December 2017, put on a show in Workman's to celebrate it, and almost sold it out - without any material formally released yet!

    This gave him the confidence to finally record his music, and 2018 saw him enter the studio and track 4 songs that would become his debut EP, Melody. It was released on June 6th on all platforms. This was a huge personal achievement for him, having nearly completely written, arranged, performed, recorded and produced it all himself. It was mixed and co-produced by Peter Eades (Finbar Furey) and mastered by Billy Farrell (The Corrs, Ryan Sheridan).

    Garrett then recruited some local musicians to help bring his songs to life at live shows, and they have done over 120 performances together in the last 10 months. They also released a single called "Breakaway" in January 2019, and sold out their single launch gig. They sold out two more single launches in June and August, and now they are focusing on recording and releasing more material.